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Over 250 biogas and biomethane
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Biogas plants “made in Germany”

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FarMethan biogas plant: Tailored to your farm (75kw 99kw 150kw or more)

Thinking about tomorrow:

The FarMethan biogas plant for future-oriented agriculture:

For livestock farms such as dairy farmers, poultry, bull and pig fattening farms, horse owners and cattle breeders, the construction and operation of a FarMethane biogas plant means new, sustainable income opportunities. The use of liquid manure and dung is particularly promoted in the current EEG. Whether 75kw, 99kw, 150kw or more – we plan and build your FarMethane biogas plant individually according to your operational situation and the availability of substrates.

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Biogas for good reasons

Biogas plants from OEKOBIT

As a biogas plant manufacturer and planner from the very beginning, OEKOBIT is now one of the most sought-after manufacturers in the industry, having completed over 250 national and international projects. As a full-service provider, we develop and build substrate-flexible biogas and biomethane plants that correspond optimally with the individual site conditions of our clients.

OEKOBIT relies on proven and particularly flexible technology concepts and ensures their safe implementation. In addition to consulting and profitability calculations, as a general contractor we take on all tasks from planning and approval to turnkey plant construction.

We source our components exclusively from proven and quality-tested suppliers and undertake the development and production of special components ourselves.

Biogas becomes biomethane

Biomethane plant Willingshausen


Plant capacity: 800 Nm³/h + 400 kWel + 220 kWel
Biogas production/year: 9.1 million Nm³
Biomethane production/year: 3.5 million Nm³
CO2 savings/year: 13,200 t


Renewable raw materials + liquid manure