Initial start-up of your biogas plant

The first step towards the successful operation of a biogas plant is expert commissioning. We call this the “start-up phase” and we conduct this jointly with the operator for every plant. Our experienced partner greentec-service GmbH will accompany you when starting up your plant and also during subsequent standard operation. Noticeably short commissioning times and an extensive transfer of know-how form the basis for maximum output right from the start!

For commissioning, we chose to apply a proactive concept which is conducted in close cooperation with the biogas plant’s operator. Intensive operator training, which conveys the basic principles of process biology and the technology used in your biogas plant, takes place before the plant is commissioned. When the biogas plant is actually commissioned, we optimize the first load together on-site and demonstrate the performance of your new biogas plant during initial trial runs.

We fill and heat up the biogas plant together. We start the biogas process and experienced commissioning engineers monitor and control plant biology and technology with you until the first usable biogas is produced. Together we prepare further loading plans and train your personnel to operate your biogas plant professionally. A customized instruction manual outlines all the scheduled maintenance intervals and processes and simplifies future operation of your biogas plant.

Not to mention we also accompany you during the subsequent on-site inspection by local officials and independent authorized experts, whether an acceptance test carried out by an official expert or an inspection by the Employers Liability Insurance Association.

As always, your permanent contacts will be available to provide expert advice during the further development and long-term optimization of your biogas plant.

The four phases of commissioning an OEKOBIT biogas plant


Training and introduction

  • Basic theory training (technology, biology and law)
  • Introduction to relevant safety guidelines and regulations
  • Basic practical training on an OEKOBIT biogas plant
  • Instruction on your own biogas plant


Safety check, initial filling and heating up

  • Initial acceptance of construction work and safety inspection of all technical mounting parts and components
  • Testing and calibration of the instruments
  • Drafting of the start-up schedule
  • Initial filling and heating up
  • Specification of the optimum start-up speed
  • Checking of all connections


Functional check and performance record

  • Step-by-step commissioning of all components and assemblies
  • Functional test of all systems
  • Run-through of the production process
  • Creation of the commissioning log
  • Continuous load increase up to full load


Acceptance and controlled handover to standard operation

  • Organization and support during acceptance of your biogas plant by the authorized expert
  • Handover of the operating instructions, plant documentation and maintenance manual
  • Regular operational support by means of on-site visits and greentec support

Maintenance service and plant management

Safety at all times – greentec maintenance service and plant management for your biogas plant
Available 24/7, experienced in the field with in-depth knowledge, our partner greentec-service GmbH offers all OEKOBIT customers an intelligent full-service offer for their OEKOBIT biogas or biomethane plant. Modular greentec service and greentec plant management provide seamless and particularly flexible support. This includes commercial, technical and process biology support and optimization to ensure efficient, safe and profitable operation.

Regular maintenance in accordance with schedules created specifically for your plant prevent unscheduled downtimes and repairs and reduce maintenance costs in the long-term. A reliable and mobile 24-hour service completes greentec’s range of services.