The biogas plant construction phase

Short construction times ensure rapid returns. Prefabricated and precisely coordinated components are fast and easily assembled into a high-performance overall plant. As a full-service provider in the biogas plant construction sector we take over and supervise every step during the construction phase to ensure that your biogas project satisfies all construction and safety-related requirements from ground-breaking to commissioning.

From the digester to the CHP, precisely matched components ensure high efficiency and low power consumption. All components and also their suppliers are subject to the strict and consistent quality management of our OEKOBIT engineers. Special components are manufactured by OEKOBIT in-house.

OEKOBIT guarantees its customers rugged technology, reliable plant systems, innovative detailed solutions, professional advice and technical support.

OEKOBIT constantly increases the efficiency of its own biogas plants by regularly improving its process engineering, using state-of-the-art technologies for the construction of biogas plants and constantly optimizing components

OEKOBIT advantages

We offer constructors:

  • A personal OEKOBIT contact
  • Security and transparency of construction costs
  • Maximum design and execution quality thanks to high-grade components
  • Stable operating technology
  • Cost-efficient plant systems
  • Low-maintenance and easy-to-operate biogas plants