Mixing tank

The preliminary or collection pit is used to collect and homogenise the liquid substrates such as pig slurry, cattle slurry or silo leachates.

Dosing unit

The dosing system is used to introduce solid substrates such as renewable raw materials and solid manure into the biogas plant.


The digester is where the fermentation of the substrates takes place. The fermenter can be heated, is insulated, weatherproofed, equipped with several agitators and a supporting air roof for gas storage.

Fermentation product storage

The fermentation product storage is a container for storing the fermented product. The container can also be equipped with a supporting air roof for optimum gas management and maximum gas storage volume.

Electricity or biomethane:

There are different refinement concepts for the biogas produced. If electricity is generated in a gas-fired combined heat and power plant, the thermal energy of the combustion engine can be used in local and district heating networks in addition to electrical energy. Alternatively, after appropriate processing, biogas can be fed into the natural gas grid as biomethane and used for all applications – even as fuel for cars, trucks and buses.