Repowering, expansion and renewal of existing plants

Evaluation of the current plant status based on operating and plant data. Theoretical consideration and development of key figures and comparison with industry benchmarks. The basic analysis is an evaluation of relevant operating data, which provides the plant operator with information about possible weak points in the biogas plant configuration with regard to approval, operational management and plant technology. Furthermore, the benchmark to comparable plants is determined. From this, possible development potentials and target values are shown.

By means of the basic analysis of the technical condition of the plant, an initial rough cost estimate is made with regard to repair and maintenance costs. Based on the recommendations for action derived from this analysis, strategic and entrepreneurial decisions can be made regarding the continued operation of the biogas plant.

Components of the analysis:

  • Storage capacity test
  • Testing plant performance
  • Testing throughput
  • Testing dimensions
  • Basic analysis process engineering
  • Basic analysis of business management
  • Basic analysis technical condition
  • On-site appointment
  • Final report
  • Approval report
  • Evaluation of process engineering
  • Evaluation of business management
  • Inspection report