The new, flexible compact biogas plant for agribusiness in emerging markets

Get to know the HoMethan, our compact model of a biogas plant for converting organic residues into usable biogas energy, which was specially developed for use in remote areas. HoMethan not only serves to secure energy needs, but also reduces dependence on expensive fossil fuels such as liquid gas or diesel. HoMethan is specifically designed for use on small farms, agricultural cooperatives, dairy farms, pig farms and smaller food processing plants.

How HoMethane is changing your life

With HoMethan you get a handy, transportable biogas plant that can be operated manually. It is made of the same high-quality material that is used in the production of industrial plants and has a manual agitator. The material used is particularly characterised by its impermeability and, in cooperation with the innovative agitator, ensures the increased yield of biogas. HoMethan is the result of over 16 years of experience in the production and design of high-tech biogas plants.

190 kg of bio-fertiliser per day can be produced in a HoMethan biogas plant filled with up to 200 kg of manure per day. It thus serves as an energy source that produces the equivalent of 75 kg of liquid gas or 90 l of diesel per month.