Detailed technical and economic planning for your biogas project

The basis of the feasibility study is the pre-design study and your information. After commissioning, you will receive a checklist from us, which you please complete and return to us. Missing information will be completed by OEKOBIT experience values and assumptions. Taking into account this information, exact local conditions and your wishes, OEKOBIT will prepare an individual economic feasibility study.

Components of the study:

  • Introduction to the basics of biogas and safety on biogas plants
  • Site assessment
  • Regional conditions (temperature)
  • Other weather conditions (climate, precipitation, wind and snow load)
  • Geographical location, altitude, terrain gradient
  • Infrastructure (traffic connection, grid connection)
  • Examination of process engineering parameters
  • Fermentability
  • Gas yield
  • Examination of the annual substrate availability
  • Determination of the ideal input mix
  • Substrate management (input)
  • Selection of plant concept and project-specific adaptation to the site
  • Pre-selection of a gas utilization concept (CHP, boiler or gas treatment), if required
  • Calculation and presentation of mass balance
  • Calculation and presentation of heat balance
  • Calculation and presentation of energy balance
  • Creation of schematic flow diagram
  • Site plan of the plant and area requirements
  • Preparation of detailed flow diagrams (gas, substrate)
  • Investment costs
  • Investment cost estimate for the whole project
  • Description of scope of supply
  • Description of on-site services
  • Economic efficiency calculation
  • General conditions
  • Consideration of individual marketing possibilities and self-supply of energy
  • Estimation of operating costs
  • Liquidity
  • Amortization
  • Review of marketing / utilization concept
  • Conclusion and concept recommendation
  • Project presentation (PDF, approx. 15 pages)

Goals of the study

  • Goal 1: OEKOBIT first checks your individual wishes and the exact location of the plant
  • Goal 2: OEKOBIT checks your project for its economic feasibility.