OEKOBIT Perspective consulting:

Future concepts for your biogas plant

In the OEKOBIT perspective consultation, we discuss your personal plant situation, work out possible future scenarios together with our team of experts and check possible concepts for their economic viability. Our team of experts consists of specialists from the fields of biomethane, tender law, approval, plant technology, calculation, financing and project management. The consulting process is divided into four phases:

  1. Initial discussion and plant situation
  2. Simplified consideration of possible concepts
  3. Feasibility check
  4. Detailed consideration and profitability analysis

Our goal is to enable you to make a qualified future decision for your plant situation.

Bereits in wenigen Jahren werden ein Großteil der Biogasanlagen in Deutschland das Ende der erster Förderperiode erreichen. Doch wie geht es in Zukunft weiter? Welche Möglichkeiten, Chancen und auch Risiken gibt es für mich und meine Anlagensituation?