Future concepts for your biogas plant

ÖKOBIT perspective consulting

technical and economic planning for your biogas project

ÖKOBIT Pre-Design Study

technical and economic planning on details

ÖKOBIT Feasibilty Study

Repowering, plant extension & technical improvement

ÖKOBIT Basic Analysis

Planning for commercial success – Planning of your biogas plant

It is possible to plan for the commercial success of biogas plants. The planning of every single of our biogas and biomethane plants is carried out with extreme care, precision and the necessary process-based and business-driven vision.

We are convinced that only cautious calculation and site-compliant use of technology will ensure long-term success and maximum returns. Transparent financing plans and accurate profitability calculations are the basis for profitable investment in biogas for ÖKOBIT’s customers. Even in the planning phase we rely on scalable and expandable plant designs which offer long-term planning security.

ÖKOBIT conducts the entire official approval procedure including approval planning for your biogas plant, thus significantly reducing the length of the approval phase.


with more than 85 different substrates

Corn silage

Grass silage

Pig manure

Coffee grounds

Fodder beet

cattle manure

chicken manure

Banana leaves

Pig straw / manure

cattle straw / manure


Food waste

pressed wine marc


Slaughterhouse waste