Technical and economic planning for your biogas project

The basis of the preliminary study is the basic data you mentioned. Missing basic data are completed by OEKOBIT experience values and assumptions. Taking into account the basic data and the planned plant size, the appropriate ECOBIT concept is selected and individualized for the project.

Bestandteile der Studie:

  • Introduction to the basics of biogas
  • Site assessment
  • Regional conditions (temperature)
  • Testing of process engineering parameters
  • Fermentability
  • Gas yield
  • Selection of plant concept and project-specific adaptation
  • Pre-selection of a gas utilization concept (CHP, boiler or gas treatment) if required
  • Calculation and presentation of mass balance
  • Calculation and presentation of heat balance
  • Calculation and presentation of energy balance and CO2 balance
  • Creation of schematic flow diagram
  • Site plan of the plant and space requirements
  • Investment costs
  • Investment cost estimation of the whole project
  • Conclusion

Goals of the study

  • Objective 1: OEKOBIT first examines your project with regard to its technical feasibility.
    Objective 2: OEKOBIT gives you the opportunity to check the project for its economic feasibility by means of a total cost estimate.