The right system for every challenge

ÖKOBIT is one of the most experienced and most successful biogas partners for farmers, investors, energy suppliers and local authorities. Whether you would like to build a new plant as a “beginner” or implement a cost-efficient expansion of your existing plant as a seasoned professional, ÖKOBIT plant systems are tailored precisely to your requirements, your aims and your site. All our biogas plants are characterized by maximum functionality and profitability and by an outstanding level of usability. ÖKOBIT builds biogas plants of all sizes and for all types of substrate: from the RPP biogas plant to plants for producing biogas from grass.

In the run-up to your project we advise you on the various utilization concepts, such as the conventional commercialization of power and heat, the direct commercialization of electricity, and the commercialization of biomethane. After choosing the concept that suits your needs best, we plan and build your biogas plant and/or biomethane plant based on the plant systems developed by us. For research institutions as well as for waste producers and waste disposers, we develop customized systems, taking into account all specific requirements.