highly flexible and compact

The simplest way to use biogas

HoMethan is our Small Biogas Plant Solution for treating organic waste materials and use biogas as energy source in remote areas. HoMethan helps to provide security of energy supply and reduces dependency on expensive fossil fuels like LPG and Diesel. It‘s designed for small farms, farming households, cooperatives, dairies, pig farming, small-scale food processing industry, etc.

HoMethan will revolutionise your life

HoMethan is a foldable and packable bag biodigester made of a high-quality material used in industrialised biogas plants and equipped with a manually stirring system. It ensures tightness and o ers an increased gas yield thanks to its high-tech material and innovative stirring system while being a result of more than 15 years of experience with high-tech biogas plants.

A HoMethan plant fed with up to 200 kg manure daily produces 190 kg of biofertiliser every day and for example the energy equivalent of 75 kg LPG or 90 l Diesel per month.


Functional diagram