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Biomethane plant Willingshausen


Plant rating: 800 Nm³/h + 400 kWel + 220 kWel
Biogas production/year: 9.1 million Nm³
Biomethane production/year: 3.5 million Nm³
CO2 saving/year: 13,200 t


Renewable primary products + semi-liquid manure


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HoMethan® the simplest way to use biogas
15. May 2017

10 HoMethan plants for Grenada

10 HoMethan units for Grenada In the autumn of 2016, ÖKOBIT GmbH received a commission from the Caribbean island state…
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10. April 2017

ÖKOBIT Pre-Design-Study in Ecuador

ÖKOBIT pre-design study for municipal biogas project in Ecuador wins support of decision-makers A highly-convincing preliminary planning study for a…
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generalpress release
10. April 2017

Final sprint in Erdeborn

Final sprint in Erdeborn ÖKOBIT GmbH and the UDI Group are extremely satisfied with their second joint biogas plant project.…
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Biogas – for a good reason

As a major manufacturer and planner of biogas plants with over 175 national and international projects, ÖKOBIT is one of the most sought-after manufacturers within the biogas industry. As full-service suppliers, we develop and build substrate-flexible biogas and biomethane plants which perfectly correspond to the specific local conditions of our clients.

ÖKOBIT relies on established and exceptionally flexible technology concepts and ensures their effective and safe implementation. As a general contractor, in addition to expert advice and profitability calculations, we take on all tasks from planning and approval to turnkey plant construction.

We purchase our components exclusively from established, quality-tested suppliers and take over ourselves the development and production of special components.