OEKOBIT pre-design study for municipal biogas project in Ecuador wins support of decision-makers

A highly-convincing preliminary planning study for a biogas plant project conducted by Biogas plant manufacturer OEKOBIT GmbH on behalf of the company Planta 4Rs beat bids from several other competitors in Santa Rosa, Ecuador.

Planta 4Rs develops energy concepts for the sensible use of biomass which improve the quality of life of the Ecuadorian people. The interest in sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions for producing energy is very high in emerging countries such as Ecuador, Colombia or Nigeria.

“Biogas plants offer a solution for several problems, including the unpleasant smell and environmental pollution caused by refuse and dependency on energy imports. They also create new jobs in the local area,”

says Florian Pelzer, OEKOBIT Sales Manager. The OEKOBIT pre-design study will be used as the basis to plan and design a biogas plant in the immediate vicinity of the central waste disposal site in Santa Rosa.

Unsorted household waste and refuse from weekly markets will be delivered to the site and then undergo several stages of processing. The remaining biomass will feed an OEKOBIT biogas plant with an output of approx. 2.5 MW.

OEKOBIT conducts advance “basic engineering” (pre-design & feasibility) studies in order to assess the technical and economic feasibility of a project. Existing conditions are used as the basis of concrete recommendations concerning the site, the concept and input material for the future plant. Every study is carried out on the basis of rudimentary data provided by the customer, and a biogas expert offers experience and advice whenever necessary. The OEKOBIT team assesses the location in terms of regional conditions and the fermentability of locally available input resources. Technicians also perform advance calculations of gas yield and space requirements and the levels of mass, heat and energy. Every pre-design study also offers a reliable estimate of investment costs.

Planta 4Rs were not the only party that was convinced by OEKOBIT’s 45-page document.

“We were also able to win the support of Santa Rosa’s municipal decision-makers and potential investors for German-made biogas technology and can continue developing the project,”

says Pelzer

“Our studies are so clear and easy to understand that they provide an excellent basis for discussion and decision-making.”